Oh No

Hi folks!  Hope you all have recovered from the madness that was the election.  I have not; think I'll start our next gig with the title track of our first album "Oh No".  Speaking of next gig, we're playing at Monterey Court on Friday, November 25th with Tucson veteran Tommy Tucker and a band called Quarter Royale.  We'll be celebrating Monterey Court's fifth anniversary.  Should be fun.  Karl Hoffmann will be back on bass as Jack has made his way back to Ohio.  I'm looking forward to it.  We'll get a rehearsal in this week and I'll undoubtedly mess up our cover of Sgt. Pepper while Allan's trying to sing.  Course he'll forget the words to all my songs so we'll be even.  Great Maxwellian fun.  Hope to see you at the gig.