Come A Runnin'

Neil McCallion and The Mighty Maxwells
Neil McCallion


Well, this is a song I wrote about having a kid.  Originally written for the child's mother to sing, I've reworked it a little so I can sing it myself.  Have to say I loved having a daughter, still do, but I wasn't so sure when I wrote this.



She don't understand, sometimes you gotta wait

She don't realize, there's times you're working late

It's just gimme, gimme gimme, she got to hold it in her hand

Gimme, gimme, gimme - is all she understands


But you know I'll come a runnin', I'll always come a runnin'

Hold you in the morning, rock you in the night

Hang on, baby, you know I'll come a runnin'


Well, you know it ain't easy gettin' through the week

You know it ain't easy but I kiss you on the cheek

You're so sleepy, oh, sleepy.  You can close your eyes

Don't you worry, baby, we are gettin' by  Chorus


I ain't had no whiskey, I ain't had no wine

I have been so sober, for such a long time

My life is changin', oh, it's changin'.  I hope it's for the best

But what I wouldn't give for a little bit of rest  Chorus