Dark End of the Bar

The Mighty Maxwells
Neil McCallion


Another song off the new CD, "Slippin' Away".  Drummer Allan (el voz) Bartlett sings this one.  Actually wrote this song as a country waltz but we cranked it up a little hoping folks might dance.  We reprise the song as a waltz at the end of the album but you'll have to buy it to hear that.  Meanwhile, you best hang on.



Dark End of the Bar


I finish my work but I'm not going home

Where she laid her head, I just can't be alone

But just 'round the corner, 'neath the blue neon light

There's a little dark tavern, I go ev'ry night

Nobody knows you or cares who you are

You're just a shadow at the dark end of the bar


I guess I'm still new to this serious drink

I get by on God given talent, I think

Glasses of whiskey and bottles of beer

It must be love how they all disappear

And I wait for the dark clouds roll in from afar

And I fade away at the dark end of the bar


I hear 'em talk and I watch 'em play pool

Sometimes I just fall asleep on my stool

But the bartender, he'll pray for my soul to keep

"Cause I take good care of him when I'm awake

And here's to you, darling, wherever you are

Here's from the shadows at the dark end of the bar

Here's to you , darling, from the dark end of the bar