Hard Driving Man

The Mighty Maxwells
Neil McCallion


Well, I like to include a country song or two on our albums and at our gigs.  Some of my favorite songwriters through the years have been country guys: Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson and nowadays Hayes Carll.  This song was supposed to be kind of a "Six Days on the Road" from a waiting woman's point of view.  Don't know if it came out like that but...  Anyway, it mentions some of my favorites.  Lil' Bessie references The Band's Cripple Creek and is what the hard driving man has named his rig.  Some people I talk to don't get that.  Poor writing I suppose but it felt right to me.  Mickey G. Williams provides the pedal steel.  Hope ya'all like it.




Hard Driving Man

Words and Music by Neil McCallion



Waylon on the radio, singin’ soft and low


She got two fat steaks an’ a icebox full of beer

It’s been six long weeks since he pulled out of here

Hank was on the radio, when he called from El Paso

Said he’s makin’ good time alright,

Got his Lil’ Bessie wound up tight

Her hard drivin’ man comin’ home off the road tonight


Aunt Nadine did her hair and they giggled like little girls

Look like the fourth of July, all ablaze with ribbon and curls

“Crazy” on the radio, the lights are way down low

But the moon is big and bright

Shinin’ like a high beam headlight

Her hard drivin’ man comin’ home off the road tonight


She spends half her life a waitin’

The other half she’s waitin’ too

She waits to lay down in his arms again

The she waits until he leaves her blue


Mama’s got the baby and the telephone’s off the hook

Dogs are a barkin’ but she’s afraid to look

Waylon’s on the radio, singin’ soft and low

She’s just a waitin’ with all her might

Lil’ Bessie better do her right

Her hard drivin’ man comin home off the road tonight