Make You Wanna Scream

Neil McCallion and The Mighty Maxwells
Neil McCallion


So, this is a song I've had for a while.  Used to be called Primitive.  I hated that so I've fixed it up a little and here it is.  Tucson guitar legend Danny Kreiger plays slide guitar.  Yeah, he came over to my house one night with some dinky little amp and I don't know what kinda guitar and just played incredibly.  I hope you enjoy it.  


P. S.  I do believe Allan and Jack are at their funkiest.  



Make You wanna Scream

Words and music by Neil McCallion


Follow her down the hallway

Follow her to the street

Follow her to the butcher

Watch her buy some meat

Don’t it make you want to scream?


Ain’t no clever conversation

No philosophical debate

All the problems of the world

They just gonna have to wait

‘Cause she makes me want to scream


Ooh, them rags are kinda funky

And her hair’s a perfect mess

She says, boy, you ain’t my only one

But you the one I like the best, yes


All the dog’s are howling

Mister Moon is in the sky

Supper’s on the table

You can smell the cherry pie

Don’t it make you want to scream?