When She Told Me

Neil McCallion and The Mighty Mighty Maxwells
Music and lyrics by Neil McCallion


I sat on this song for ten years before I ever played it.  Just didn't think it would work but when I started playing with Allan and Jack it just seemed to come together.


When She Told Me

 When she told me that she loved me, she looked me in the eye

Yeah, she told me that she loved me, and she hardly ever lies

She said look me up if you are ever on my side of town

I won’t be waiting but you know that I’ll be around


I’m not saying I don’t like her, ‘cause I know that’s not true

I’m not saying she don’t move me, ‘cause she know that she do

She must know I could fall easily for her cheek and her charm

Forget my worries and bury myself in her arms


Maybe if I call her, I could just explain

Maybe if I called her, we could start again

I got my hand in my pocket, my eye on the telephone

Don’t know what I’d tell her, she prob’ly won’t even be home