Well, I guess this is how I wrote it though we recorded a more souped up version to encourage dancing at our gigs.  And Allen sings it great.  But I wanted to write a cry in your beer country waltz.  I'd never written a waltz.  And this is what happened.


Dark End of the Bar
Words and music by Neil McCallion
I finish my work but I'm not going home
Where she laid her head I just can't be alone
But just 'round the corner 'neath the blue neon light
There's a little dark tavern, I go ev'ry night
Nobody knows you or cares who you are
You're just a shadow at the dark end of the bar
I guess I'm still new to this serious drink
I get by on God given talent, I think
Glasses of whiskey and bottles of beer
It must be love how they all disappear
And I wait for the dark clouds roll in from a far
And I fade away at the dark end of the bar
I hear 'em talk and I watch 'em play pool
Sometimes I just fall a sleep on my stool
But the bartender, he'll pray for my soul to keep
'Cause I take good care of him when I'm awake
And here's to you, darling, where ever you are
Here's from the shadows at the dark end of the bar
Here's to you, darling, from the dark end of the bar