1. Good Thing

Our drummer Allan (el voz) Bartlett sings this song.  Allan, the scourge of Facebook conservatives, is without doubt, the singer in the band.  I wrote this song just for him and he sings it great.


Good Thing
Words and Music by Neil McCallion
Gimme some of that good thing, baby
Gimme something I like
All your checks in the mail, baby
Ev’ry thing’s alright
I wanna stamp out anything that keeps you away from me
I’d be hangin’ from a cliff if it would set you free
Gimme some of that good thing, baby
Gimme some of that good thing
Gimme some of that good thing, baby
You can turn out the lights
‘Cause in your hour of darkness, baby
I’ll be burnin’ bright
I’ll lift it and I’ll carry it all the way to twenty-second street
Then, baby, I’ll come runnin’ home in my stocking feet, yeah
Windows down, we’re singin’ loud with the songs on the radio
Going to a party for someone that you know
It’s gettin’ late but I can wait, you’re on your third or fourth one more beer
But don’t you worry, baby, I can get us home from here
Ah, such a sweet thing, baby, got me something I like
Another day has passed away and ev’rything’s alright
I watch you sleepin’ peacefully, may all your dreams be sweet
Tomorrow you’ll be shinin’ on ev’ryone you meet, yeah