1. Neighborhood

This is the oldest song I've written that I still do.  Wrote it in the year of our Lord, 1983, during my first year of teaching in Nogales, AZ.  Having Allan sing it breathes a little new life into it.  Sure can't remember what I was so pissed off about.


Don't you look at me like I'm out of control
Baby, you got lazy and you lost all your soul. Maybe you're too desperate to get it back
Well, I saw you comin' from around the block
My doorbell rang just like a clock. Maybe it's just timing that you lack
Chorus: You been runnin' 'round the town with them boys from your old neighborhood
Well, I don't believe in scandal for the public's sake
Maybe if you told me that you made a mistake, I could bury my head in the sand
Or maybe, maybe, baby, I could take you away
Gettin' out of here would be okay, that is if you even give a damn 
Don't you try and tell me that we're stuck in a sticky situation
As far as I can see nothin' could be so clear
Don't you try and get tough and resort to intimidation
I'll close the door and leave you standin' right here
Hope you been savin' up your money for a rainy day
I could talk to you but you got nothin' to say, baby, I can't pay your bills no more
I give up, I can't play you game, I've come and gone and you're still the same
Don't know what you're saving yourself for  Chorus