1. Slippin' Away

Oh, this is a sad song.  I hope you like it.  Don't have much to say about it really except the fellas played it purdy.  Duncan Stitt on keyboards.


Don't care how it looks, don't matter what they say
That couldn't of happened, it wasn't that way
But I'm not one for askin' and she's not one to say
And I'm starting to feel it slippin' away
And all they will say is I told you so
We all saw it comin', how could you not know
Well, I know I've not seen her one week Saturday
And I'm startin' to feel it slippin' away
I guess they were right, I guess I was wrong
Maybe they'll rest now that she's gone
I met a nice girl, she looks out for me 
She says we're the other fish in the sea
'Cause she knows that I won't be the one 
To make it okay
I just can't get over it slippin' away
I still can't get over it slippin' away